In the previous chapter, we’ve learned the organic and paid promotional channels for selling products online. If you didn’t read the first chapter, kindly read it. Link is given below. In this chapter, I’ll describe in depth the convenient paths, the path you should choose, and the process of implementation. Stay tuned and read the full article to be enlightened and entertained.

By combining suitable promotional channels, the two most effective paths can be created. You can follow one of the two paths. The paths are:

  1. Focus On Paid Advertising Campaigns
  2. Focus On SEO & Content Marketing


🟢 Effective Paths To Follow
🟢 Focus On Paid Advertising Campaigns
🟢 Focus On SEO & Content Marketing
🟢 The Path To Follow
🟢 Implementation Phase
🟢 Digital Marketing Strategy
🟢 Social Media Marketing
🟢 Promotional Advertising Campaign


In this path, you’ll primarily focus on getting online sales from paid advertising campaigns. Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads are the main promotional channels. Before buying, some potential customers check social media profiles to understand the authenticity. Hence, you must build up your Facebook and Instagram profile with a respectable number of followers and engagements. A deadly combination of Social Media Marketing + Paid Advertisement Campaign is essential. The benefit of this path is, it’s less time-consuming, and the disadvantage is, a good sum of promotional budget is necessary to achieve goals. This path is better for retail and online businesses.


In this path, you’ll primarily focus on getting organic sales. Hence, you have to create content in video and/or blog format with your products. Then you’ll upload the contents on promotional channels like website, YouTube, Facebook, etc. so that your target audience can see and interact with your contents. You also need to make your content search engine optimized and focus on getting subscribers and followers on your social media profiles. For content creation and SEO, you must have a handsome budget. Once you have a sizable number of followers and subscribers on your social media profiles and your contents start appearing on top at Google search results, you’ll acquire a ton of organic website visitors and sales. The benefit of this path is, you don’t need to spend additional money on sales, and the disadvantage is, it’s time consuming and it’ll take your patience test. This path is better for the content creators and the brands.


To choose any of the paths, you must have a long-term plan for your business. Now let’s assume you are a retail shop, selling fashionable clothes targeting 20-30-year-old youths. You are a businessman, not a content creator. Now, the question is, what’s the most suitable path for you among the two?

As you are not a content creator, you can’t create quality contents with your products. You have to hire a content creator. Again, products of related categories are also available on Amazon and other famous ecommerce sites. You can’t compete with them on SEO. You must have a handsome budget for content creation and SEO, also you have to wait for a long time. Hence, this path is not suitable for you as both content creation and getting sales from SEO looks difficult.

On the contrary, you can easily take excellent quality product images and it’s also affordable. You can post the images on your Instagram and Facebook profiles. This will help you in social media marketing. Also, advertising materials can be created with the product images. Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads can be run by targeting new audience and retargeting existing audience. You can start with a budget of few thousands and can generate a vast number of sales within an abbreviated period. This path looks very suitable for you.

Congratulations! Now, you know how you can sell your products online and the most suitable path to follow.

Now, it’s time to follow the path and drive results. First, you need to create your digital marketing strategy. Then start social media marketing. When you have a decent number of followers on social media profiles, start running paid advertising campaigns. Want to know in depth? Stay with me…


Digital marketing strategy is a written plan to achieve specific marketing goals. Marketing is a world of uncertainty and changes. You need to understand your current situation and your desired destination within a specific period. Then, create a plan and take necessary steps to achieve the goals. Without proper planning, you can’t take essential steps and failure is guaranteed. For this reason, digital marketing strategy is obligatory to become successful in the digital space.

To create a digital marketing strategy, you first need to understand the business model, revenue model, industry, and condition of the business. Then, an in-depth product and service analysis is necessary. The use cases, benefits, features, and price range of the products are particularly key factors for selling. Next, analyze some competitors. We need to compare our product with our competitor’s product and identify competitive advantages. We can also take inspiration from our competitor’s digital marketing strategy. After that, we need to dive deep into our target audience. Need to understand their demographics, location, interest, behavior, motivation, and reason to buy. Based on the differences between target audience, segment them and create several target audience personas. A target audience persona is a detailed description of a potential customer. After a rigorous analysis of business, market condition, product, competitor, and target audience, we need to perform a SWOT analysis to find out strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat of a business.

Based on the data of SWOT analysis, we need to set S.M.A.R.T goals. We also need to find the market positioning of the brand as well as of the products. Now, it’s time to select the most suitable target audience personas. Finally, create a step-by-step plan to achieve the goals to reach the desired destination. With the plan digital marketing strategy is complete.


Social media marketing is a way of using the power of popular social media platforms to interact with target audience, achieve marketing goals, and increase brand awareness.

To increase sales, we need to run paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Before buying, some potential customers check social media profiles to understand the authenticity. Hence, we must upload entertaining, engaging, and informative content on social media profiles regularly. Also, we must have a sizable number of social media followers and engagements. For this reason, social media marketing has become mandatory. Besides, we get some organic sales from our social media followers.

To do social media marketing, first we need to understand the condition of the social media profiles. Therefore, we do a social media audit. Then we look at competitor’s social media profile and take inspiration from them. Next, we need to create a content strategy and select the type of contents to upload. We also create follower growth strategy and hashtag research in this step. After that, we create a 1-month of posts schedule. Finally, it’s time to create and upload the posts. Then, regularly create and upload the posts. Measure the performance continuously and if necessary, make adjustment with content strategy. Within a few months, you’ll have a sizable number of followers.


Promotional ad is run to get the attention of potential customers and make them interested in buying a product. To increase sales promotional ads and offers are mandatory. In traditional campaigns, promotional ads are run on TV channels, but with the advancement of technology promotional ads can be run on digital media and social media now a days.

For retail and online businesses, Facebook + Instagram + Google Search Engine ads are the most suitable promotional channels to run ad. Image, video, and carousel ad formats work better than other options in Facebook + Instagram. Google search engine ad is the only ad format that should be run on Google ads platform. Before running an advertising campaign, ad campaign strategy, promotional story, and ad materials must be created. Also, we need to allocate a decent amount of the promotional budget for the campaign.

Advertisement Campaign Strategy is the planning of achieving the goals of the advertising campaign. For a successful sales campaign, we need to provide some offers to hook the target audience and get their attention. The offers can be:

  1. Flash Sale
  2. Discount
  3. Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  4. Coupon Code
  5. Free Shipping etc.

After selecting a suitable offer for the campaign, we need to select the target audience. In our case the target audience is selected in the digital marketing strategy development phase. Next, we create an engaging promotional story. After that, we have to create the advertisement materials based on the promotional story. Finally, we need to create the campaign on Facebook Ad Manager and Google Ad Manager platforms and run the ads. During the ad running phase, we need to monitor the performance of the advertising campaigns continuously and make necessary adjustments to achieve desired results.

By creating an ideal digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, and running promotional advertising campaigns effectively, you can increase your online sales rapidly and become successful in the digital space.

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Mahmudul Hasan Chowdhury
– CEO, Digital Eagle

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Branding &
  3. Business Development
Digital marketing strategist & consultant with 5 years of experience.

Mahmudul Hasan Chowdhury
– CEO, Digital Eagle

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Branding &
  3. Business Development
Digital Marketing Strategist & Consultant with 5 years of experience.

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